Favia Erickson Winegrowers is first a collaboration. 

We are partners, a family, a team. And there is our home — a house and cellar, gardens and fruit trees: a collaboration that has meandered across generations, its stone first laid by Napa Valley’s earliest Italian immigrants. Our collaboration then wends outward and into the neighboring hills, visiting familiar vines and their tending hands. In these vineyards, curiosity and humility assemble to listen closely to the history of ancient soils, the natural currents of the everyday, and the myriad voices of those who foster the patient growth and harvest of our grapes. Favia is a celebration of a place and its people.

Time, too, is our partner, immense and inexorable. We encounter millennia in the volcanic upheaval of our surrounds. Our vines enunciate the intricacies of the four seasons. Our stone cellar echoes with memory of vintages a century past. And finally, our work rests in barrel, quietly finding its voice over years. At its center, our work is a partnership with Nature. With reverence, we usher our bounty toward a new expression; we seek to bottle a glimpse of a time and place.

Favia is the ever-resonant telling of a story still being written.